My professional background is in the field of entertainment production and design. Early work at a special effects studio involved the design and creation of miniature sets and models for ride-films. I was involved in various aspects of production, including concept art/design and storyboarding, model making, set building, lighting, rotoscope and motion control work.

Later work work was in the video games industry, primarily as a concept artist and 3d modeler, although I occasionally covered other areas of game development including non-character animation, and UI work. Much of my later work was done at Page 44 Studios in San Francisco.

My work with Sculptural Light Boxes began with a lighting experiment using one of my wife's hand-made tunnel books. Through this experiment the inked and printed layers devolved back to blank sheets, with only the ambient external lighting or internal LED lighting driving depth and contrast.

The tunnel-book structures are made from Bristol paper and mounted inside a handcrafted wooden enclosure with an acrylic front pane. Early pieces and some prototypes were cut by hand while more recent pieces are cut on a 65W CO2 laser. Custom soldered LEDs provide internal lighting. Each piece is designed as both a traditional un-lit shadowbox as well as an illuminated lightbox.